How life went for Professor Kelly, family after viral BBC clip


Posted at May 09 2017 08:52 PM | Updated as of May 10 2017 08:05 AM

MANILA - Professor Robert Kelly said his family's life is going back to normal after they were put on the spotlight during a video interview with BBC last March. 

Kelly's interview went viral after his children waltzed into the room and his wife frantically herded them out.

"We're getting back to normal. The first couple of days were tough. We had a thousand media solicitations within a week. It's just insane, we turned off our phones, we turned off social media. We didn't go out of the house for three days, we ordered take out. Reporters came to our parents' home in the US," Kelly told ANC's Beyond Politics.

He also said that his experience taught him a very important lesson: make sure to lock the door.

"What not to do, that's what I learned. Make sure to lock the door," Kelly said.

"Yes, and it will be the only one. For all media out there, this will never happen again. I forgot to lock the door; final impeachment vote for President Park, I had done multiple media earlier in the day, CNN, Al Jazeera and I was just tired to be perfectly honest. It was part of my job to do media. It could be pretty exhausting if you do it all day, I just forgot to push lock button. My kids are cute. They are 4 and 1, they don't do what you tell them, kids are like that," he added.

Kelly teaches at the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy in South Korea’s Pusan National University.