Saab Magalona's tip for fellow moms: Don't forget to love yourselves


Posted at May 03 2021 05:21 PM

MANILA -- Saab Magalona believes that practicing self-love is crucial to becoming a great mother.

The singer and vlogger made the statement as she was asked for the "best advice" she can give to her fellow mothers in "Celebrating Strength in Softness," a web series by the skin care brand Physiogel.

Magalona encouraged her fellow moms to "take care of yourself, find your happiness, and ask for help." 

"I think the best advice I can give right now is that we don't forget to love ourselves talaga. Because mothers who take care of themselves and love themselves, it really shows in their energy towards how they are with their kids," she said. 

"It can't be all kids, wala ka na. Because in the long run, sobrang hindi okay 'yun. Kasi makikita ng kids mo eh. If you don't have respect for yourself, how will you gain respect from others, even your children?" she added.

Magalona admitted that she used to experience "mom guilt" whenever she needs to attend to work and other things instead of caring for her children all the time.

But she later on realized that it's all about giving them "quality time," or 100% of your attention in certain periods, as opposed to being with them 24/7.

"That happens to parents -- mom guilt, dad guilt," she said. "There were really tough times na I really felt so guilty and I felt like I was such an awful mom."

"I could've saved myself from the emotional unnecessary stress if I just said, 'I'm doing a great job. I'm doing what I can. I'm providing for my children and I'm spending quality time with them,'" she added.

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