Say it again: Filipino is among the sexiest accents in the world


Posted at May 01 2019 07:00 PM

Say it again: Filipino is among the sexiest accents in the world 1
A meme inspired by an old cartoon had Filipinos making fun of their own accent, though a newly released survey say that it's actually one of the sexiest accents in the world. Cartoon Network

MANILA -- Bring out the hamen chis sandwiches, it's time to celebrate. 

A survey by a travel website has confirmed what Filipinos already knew -- we have one of the world's sexiest accents. 

Big 7 Travel, which claims to be the "go-to resource for over 1.5 million people," polled their readers about what they think is the most attractive accent they have come across recently. 

"Filipino" received enough votes to land in the 21st spot, which is great news considering the slander (it's really not, it just became a subject of a fun meme. "Prench pries," anyone?) it got last year. 

It's a pipe dream to think that we were ever going to come close to the likes of the French, the British, or the Aussies in this category but at least we're ahead of the Japanese and the Russians. 

The top spot went to the Kiwis, with Big Travel 7 describing the New Zealand dialect as "outrageously charming." 

In comparison, Filipino is listed only as "simply lovely." 

Big 7 Travel did not reveal the exact number of the votes they got in this straw poll of theirs, nor a breakdown of it. 

It was back in November of last year when the "I love your accent, say it again" meme came to life, inspired by an episode of an old cartoon titled "Dexter's Laboratory." 

In it, the main character, Dexter, tried to cheat his French test by inventing a gadget that would have allowed him to learn the (7th sexiest, according to Big 7 travel) language by listening to a tape. 

It backfired as the tape skips over to the "omelette du fromage" phrase, and he woke up to find out that it's the only thing he could say. This attracted all the girls in his school, however. 

Filipinos quickly hopped on the meme and made light fun of how we pronounce places like "perbyu" and "bwenja," as well as words like "jabetic" and "jodorant."