'Healthy' over 'perfect' body: Megan Young opens up about change in lifestyle


Posted at Apr 30 2021 12:15 PM


A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata)

MANILA -- Megan Young took to social media on Thursday to share her fitness journey, saying her priorities have shifted to achieving a "healthy" body instead of a "perfect" one.

The Philippines' sole Miss World titleholder shared a throwback photo of her in La Union in 2019, when she achieved her "summer body goals" after extreme diet and exercise.

She said that while she was satisfied with the outcome, she did not enjoy the process at all. 


A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata)

"The journey to get there was tough because of dieting and long hours at the gym. Hindi ako masaya sa food ko noon -- ang konti at halos walang lasa," she said.

Instead of focusing on how her body looks like, Young said she would rather "listen" to it and take care of it more, which she does by eating better and getting enough rest.

"Nowadays, I'm not aiming for the 'perfect body' but I'm aiming to have a healthier one," she said. 

"I'm listening to my body more and resting when I need to. And at the end of the day, I try not to be too hard on myself," she added.

Aside from having a mostly pescetarian diet with the occasional cheat meals, Young has been doing regular workouts in her new home gym with husband Mikael Daez.

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