3 ways to give your body a restart amid quarantine


Posted at Apr 29 2020 12:19 PM

Brazilian national volleyball team player Isac Viana Santos exercises at his home, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Washington Alves, Reuters

MANILA -- People should make the most out of the coronavirus-induced quarantine to hit the reset button on their health, a dietician-nutritionist said.

In a statement released by Jeunesse Anion, Cheshire Que reminded the public to strengthen their immune system to stay protected against viruses and bacteria. 

"The immune system is our first line of defense against infection. It is composed of a network of cells and proteins, much like the different units of a military system that works synergistically to kill pathogens in the form of viruses and bacteria," she said.

Que shared three tips on how to give the body a restart amid the lockdown, starting with the intake of natural "immunity boosters" such as brown rice, mung beans, malungay, bitter gourd, potato, taro, yam, cassava, onion, garlic, mango, pineapple, banana, papaya, and coconut water. 

She said those with bigger budgets may opt for chia seeds, kimchi, honey, and wheatgrass.

While stocking up on canned goods and other processed items cannot be helped because of the quarantine, Que encouraged people to choose healthier options such as sardines, tuna, and pork and beans. 

Que's second tip is to stay active which, she said, can be done even without fancy equipment, gym membership, or a big space. 

"Schedule your exercise daily. Choose an activity that you enjoy so it won't feel like a chore. There are so many exercise videos available on the internet but caution must be taken if you have a health condition. It's best to get your doctor's approval if you plan to get serious in starting a program. Otherwise, house cleaning and dancing will be a good start," she said. 

"Just keep moving! Remember to dress the part including wearing the proper footwear. This alone will keep you motivated to quit being a couch potato in a lockdown," she added.

Lastly, Que advised getting enough sleep, saying the lack of it "depresses the immune system and impacts your rate of recovery from infection." 

She also cited the power of a 15-minute pause to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as staying away from toxic social media posts and opinions of people that do not matter.