WATCH: How much does Alex Gonzaga earn as a vlogger?


Posted at Apr 29 2019 12:47 PM

MANILA – She is one of the Philippines’ fastest rising vloggers.

And one could not help but wonder how much Alex Gonzaga earns from her YouTube videos, each having millions of views.

Lucky for those who are curious, TV host Boy Abunda asked this burning question during his show, “Inside the Cinema,” where Gonzaga appeared as a guest alongside her sister Toni and fellow influencer Bianca Gonzalez.

“How much can an influencer earn?” he asked.

Gonzaga did not immediately answer the question as she first opted to explain how earning from YouTube works.

She noted that English-speaking vloggers with an international audience are “Google-preferred” and have the potential of earning more than someone like her, who churns out videos in Filipino.

“When you have an international audience… ang one American audience is equivalent to four Filipinos, one is to four,” Gonzaga explained. “So ‘yung cpm (cost per mille)… ‘pag ang audience mo American or international, mas malaki ang rate na makukuha mo sa ads. Kasi kumukuha lang kami ng percentage.”

She went on: “When a big company or multinational company goes to YouTube – parang ABS – [they would say] ‘We want to give this much money.’ [YouTube] would say, ‘Okay, you choose from the Google-preferred kung kanino mo gustong pumasok [ang ads mo]. So kunyari andoon ako… If they’re gonna give $10 million, parang 5 percent or 3 percent will go to you. Kasi pinili ka nila na most of your videos sila lalabas.”

When asked again how much she earns from vlogging, Gonzaga replied: “Here in the Philippines kasi, I get ‘yung percentage ng ads na pumapasok sa akin… It can range to… mostly nagsi-six digits talaga siya.”

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Gonzalez, meanwhile, shared the average rates given to influencers on Instagram, saying that she has yet to monetize her “self-help” videos on YouTube.

“Iba-iba ‘yan, siyempre ‘pag artista medyo mas mataas ‘yung presyo versus a model na starting na doesn’t come out on mainstream media,” she began. “So a post, siguro puwede ‘yan mga P10,000, may P20,000. Kung artista ‘yan, puwedeng tumaas ng mga P50,000 or P60,000.”

“Kunyari series of posts ‘yan, P100,000. Iba-iba,” she added.