VIRAL: TikTok star Mann Ed Demalata shares life as a pilot


Posted at Apr 23 2023 06:18 PM

Handout photo. 
Handout photo. 

MANILA — With almost 2 million likes on TikTok, airline captain and content creator Mann Ed Demalata captured viewers with his daily flying videos. 

Demalata started to capture his moments as a pilot on social media since 2020.

“What I love about social media ay naibabahagi ko ‘yung flying journey ko. Some of my videos I found out have inspired some aspiring pilots. What’s funny and exciting, minsan ‘yung mga artista na name-meet ko, bilang ako ang piloto, pina-followback na rin ako sa Instagram after, thanking me for bringing them safe sa kanilang destinations,” he said.

In his latest post, Demalata shared his last flight for Turboprop Aircraft and announced that he has started training to fly the Airbus A320 and A321, a modern commercial jet that can accommodate 150 to 200 passengers and is capable of flying at higher altitudes. 

“It’s a big deal. It’s actually a promotion, lalo na kapag naabot mo na ‘yung seniority. When you get that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, grab it,” the passionate pilot said.

When asked what he will miss most about flying the 86-seater aircraft, the friendship, and camaraderie he has developed with other pilots were Capt. Demalata’s quick answers.

He also added: “They have become my family for the past 7 years. I will also miss the challenging airports that made me a better and confident pilot.”

“I’m a bit nervous but mostly excited to venture into another chapter in my career. I welcome the growth and new opportunities for me as a professional pilot.”

He shared: “I appreciate all the love and support of my TikTok friends so I promise to take them on my journey. And as soon as I finish my training, I’ll focus as well on creating fun, educational, and entertaining flying content videos for them. That would be to show them my appreciation.”

Taking off smoothly on a new adventure, Capt. Demalata still finds home in the dedication and love of his followers. “I feel like with being verified on Instagram and TikTok comes the responsibility to put purpose in what I put out there.”