Tips on staying focused while working from home


Posted at Apr 23 2020 01:09 PM

MANILA -- Working from home has become a privilege to many since the enhanced community quarantine was implemented.

And while it's great to be in your pajamas all day and have your favorite snack within reach, working from home can still pose some challenges, such as staying focused.

Social enterprise Human Nature, known for its beauty and personal care products, recently gave some tips on how to keep productivity on track as the work-from-home policy continues for many.

In a statement, it suggested starting the day "with a sound mind" by spending some time to reflect, pray, or clear one's thoughts.

The next step, Human Nature said, is to create a workspace to "create a divide between your work life and your home life." It could be a desk or a dining table, but not the sofa or bed to avoid the temptation to sleep during work hours. 

Those who are working from home should still continue their routine in the office, according to Human Nature. This could be waking up, taking a bath, and getting dressed at a certain time, and going on occasional breaks. This will help people "stick with a regular schedule and pacing."

Other suggestions include preparing for distractions and keeping in touch with colleagues to better cope with the added work stress caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic.