Not just pepper sauce: Tabasco dry mixes now in PH


Posted at Apr 23 2019 03:57 PM | Updated as of Apr 23 2019 04:11 PM

Tabasco’s dry seasonings. ABS-CBN News

MANILA – It’s hard not to see a bottle of Tabasco pepper sauce in restaurants, kitchens, and supermarkets across the globe.

Aside from the original pepper sauce, Tabasco has also released other variants such as Chipotle, Jalapeno, Habanero, and even Sriracha since it was established in 1868. 

But did you know that the brand has also expanded to dry formulations?

These products are what homegrown importer-distributor SySu International is hoping to introduce to manufacturers and chefs in the Philippines in its recently held Taste Setters workshop at the Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Mandaluyong City.

Sandy Cu, the company’s product and business development director, cited the potential of Tabasco’s dry mixes in enhancing the flavor of food, from snacks to dessert.

“The only spicy snack that I can think of that is very popular now is the Cheetos Jalapeno,” she noted. “I think Filipino manufacturers are still not daring enough to launch such kind of a product. But I think when they get out of this workshop, they’ll be able to think of trendsetting ideas in the market.”

Tabasco’s dry mixes that are currently available in the Philippines – from spiciest to least spicy – include Crushed Red Pepper, Dry Red Flavoring, and Original Red Spray Dry Flavoring. 

The Scoville rating of Dry Red Flavoring ranges from 75,000 to 105,000, and is said to be at least ten times spicier than Tabasco’s original pepper sauce.

During the Taste Setters workshop, the Dry Red Flavoring was used to make dishes such as spicy pares, Korean blood sausages, vegetable dumplings, spicy ramen, luncheon meat fritters, spicy tuna rolls, focaccia bread, and even spicy ensaymada.

Korean Spicy Vegetable Dumpling with Dry Red Flavoring.ABS-CBN News

Focaccia Bread with Dry Red Flavoring.ABS-CBN News

Spicy Ensaymada with Dry Red Flavoring.ABS-CBN News

Sun-Dae Korean Sausage with Dry Red Flavoring.ABS-CBN News

Luncheon Meat Fritters with Dry Red Flavoring.ABS-CBN News

Spicy Tuna Roll with Dry Red Flavoring.ABS-CBN News

Unlike the Dry Red Flavoring which delivers heat first before flavor, the Original Red Spray Dry Flavoring prioritizes taste. 

The Crushed Red Pepper, on the other hand, has the highest level of spiciness. 

Tabasco’s dry mixes are made for industrial use, which means these won’t be available in supermarkets. 

Still, many participants at Taste Setters are keeping their fingers crossed. 

“Not for now because the dry products are specifically made for industrial use. You have to know how to handle the product as well. If you sniff it, medyo maanghang siya,” Cu explained. 

“It also comes in big packaging because it’s made for big-volume producers,” she continued. “Imagine if they’ll be seeing all of these ideas [on how to use the dry mixes], they will pick it up and we can set a trend in the market.”