How Classikids Manila is raising funds for 300 hazmat suits for medical frontliners

Dra. Luisa Ticzon Puyat

Posted at Apr 22 2020 03:31 AM

How Classikids Manila is raising funds for 300 hazmat suits for medical frontliners 1

If 16-year-old Martina Qua can do something for others during this Covid-19 pandemic, so can we!
At the beginning of the lockdown, there were so many good samaritans and generous donors sending N95 or surgical masks, latex gloves, alcohol, PPE suits and even cooked meals to the hospitals and frontliners. Now on our 6th week of quarantine, however, the donations have become more sparse. People are beginning to wonder when this situation will abate and how much longer they can keep on giving. Many benefactors have understandably begun to shift their focus to their own employees, staff, household helpers and other poorer communities. There is such a thing a donor fatigue, and people have to find other creative means to make the situation sustainable.

A week into the quarantine, Martina decided to put her talent to good use. She has been into digital arts the past few years. “While doing graphic design during my free time in between our school’s zoom online classes, I heard about the 'Tie a Red Ribbon' movement launched by the DOH in support of the frontliners here in the Philippines. I thought it was such a good idea! I started making exploratory designs for a red ribbon lapel pin—which I wanted to be easy to wear—with my handwritten words SALAMAT and 2020 embossed on the pin.” These pins are meant to be worn to show gratitude to our health workers and frontliners as they risk their lives during this Covid-19 crisis. Martina thought, “Why not sell these pins to raise funds to be able to provide PPE hazmat suits to health workers to keep them safe and at the same time, show support to frontliners by wearing them—two birds with one stone!”

Designing the pin was the easiest part. Unfortunately, most companies are closed due to the quarantine; hence, the biggest challenge was how to have these pins made. Martina searched online and finally found a small shop that accommodated her query regarding making the pins despite being closed. “I appealed to the lady saying ‘Ate, please help me kasi I will sell these red ribbon pins para maka-ipon to buy hazmat suits for frontliners.’ The lady finally agreed and opened their office with two other people just to be able to make my pins. I am very grateful to her and consider her and her colleagues frontliners as well!”

How Classikids Manila is raising funds for 300 hazmat suits for medical frontliners 2
Photo courtesy of Classikids Manila 

When I heard about Martina and her red ribbon pin, I was moved. Not only did I see a teenager who was creative enough to show support and raise funds for PPEs during this pandemic, but also someone who will be able to leave us with something worth remembering after all this is over. Martina says, “Our group—Classikids Manila—has been able to sell over 800 red ribbon pins and raise funds for 300 hazmat suits so far.” May these lapel pins serve as a reminder to all of us about how our frontliners and health care workers sacrificed for the greater good and how all of us came together as a community during this Covid-19 pandemic.

As Martina expressed, “To me, the Salamat red ribbon pins stand for so many things.”

SALAMAT to the health workers like doctors and nurses.

SALAMAT to the frontliners like the police, delivery personnel, cooks, vendors of wet markets, and grocery/drugstore personnel.

SALAMAT to the journalists for their unwavering commitment to deliver news to our country and the world.

SALAMAT to the community for all their efforts to help the frontliners.

SALAMAT to the Filipinos for staying home during the quarantine.

SALAMAT to everyone for their overwhelming prayers for the victims of Covid-19 and the frontliners. 

SALAMAT to covid-19 for enabling the Bayanihan Spirit of the Filipinos to shine.
Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

Classikids Manila, through Martina Qua, is selling the red ribbon lapel pins for P200 per piece. If you buy 5 pins, you get to donate 2 hazmat suits to frontliners. If interested, please contact 0917 676 5098 or email You will be provided with bank details. After deposit, you may either pick up your pins in Makati via Lalamove, Grab, or wait to get them after the lifting of the quarantine.

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