Katarina Rodriguez opens up about second water birth experience


Posted at Apr 21 2023 01:09 PM


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Former beauty queen Katarina Rodriguez believes that her faith grows every time she gave birth.

The Miss World Philippines 2018 titleholder took to Instagram to share her second water birth experience, this time with her daughter Clara. 

"With every child I give birth to, my faith in God has grown stronger and stronger," Rodriguez said in an Instagram post. 

"To answer the most asked question, yes I did do a water birth again with Clara. However this time it was in a hospital setting," she added.

Rodriguez went on to narrate her second water birth experience, which happened last January 29.

She said it all happened so fast, in a matter of minutes -- her water broke at 9:52 p.m., her doctor arrived a minute later, and Clara swam out at 9:55 p.m.

"It took one long, slow contraction and 3 pushes (together with one long, roller coaster scream) before she came out. She had a cord coil around her neck and the cord was short. God was looking out for us every second of the way," she said. 

"My OB (doctor) was great and knew how to handle the situation. He also made it right on time, and giving birth in the water also made the coil less dangerous. I felt her head come out with much ease first, then her body, then her legs. This girl was a long baby and was born 7 lbs 12 oz. She led the way the entire labor and was good to me. Every prayer I had was answered. I couldn't be more grateful," she added. 


A post shared by Katarina (@katarinarodri)

Looking back, Rodriguez said "things could have been scary" if they were even two minutes late. 

"Writing this I'm still in disbelief at how quick my labor with Clara went and also happy that my prior anxiety played no part," she said. 

"I'll never forget the dark place my mind went to during that last month, and I'll definitely never forget how faith pulled me out of it. If my son taught me to be softer, my daughter showed me how to be brave again."

Rodriguez first gave birth to her son Robert Joaquin, nicknamed Quino, in 2021. Both Clara and Quino are her children with her partner, businessman Niño Barbers.

She and Barbers have been together since 2018.