WATCH: A tour of 'plantita' Jinkee Pacquiao's green spaces in General Santos


Posted at Apr 21 2021 01:35 PM

WATCH: A tour of 'plantita' Jinkee Pacquiao's green spaces in General Santos 1
Photo from Instagram's YouTube page, screengrab from Dyan Castillejo's vlog

MANILA -- The "Mansion II" of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao in General Santos was transformed into a plant haven during the lockdown, thanks to landscape artist Roize Royal.

This as Jinkee, just like most Filipinos, got into the "plantita" trend amid the pandemic.

Royal, who is the managing director and owner of Green 'N Style Landscape and Design, said it took him and his team an entire month to come up with the green spaces in the Pacquiao home.

He gave a tour of Mansion II's green spaces in a two-part vlog released by ABS-CBN sports and lifestyle host Dyan Castillejo.

"During the lockdown, one month lang, super rehab lang," Royal said. 

The first part of the tour showed the tropical-themed garage area which is partly covered by a wall of curly pink pedilanthus and golden pothos.

Royal then pointed out a change in theme in the "bulwagan," a covered hall where the Pacquiaos host lunches and dinners for guests. 

This area, he said, follows a Japanese zen theme with a giant bonsai that is around the P100,000 range, as well as grafted bougainvilleas, pandakaki plants, and a bush shaped to look like Manny in a boxing pose. 

Inside the bulwagan are giant alocasias and yucca plants, among others. 

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Giant pandakaki and agave geminiflora welcome the Pacquiaos as they make their way to the main house. According to Royal, Manny's only request is the variegated African talisay, which can be seen just outside the mansion.

"'Yan ang request sa plants ni Manny, 'yan talaga ang gusto niyang ipalagay ko diyan. Nag-iisang plant na pinalagay niya," he said. 

Also spotted by the entrance of the main house are silver buttons, aglaonema plants, rare variegated alocasias, and Jinkee's favorite philodendron pink princess, which is half-pink.

"Ito ang talagang paborito niya," Royal said.

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Royal and Castillejo then headed to the outdoor breakfast area, which has rough horsetail, red ginger plants, and Jinkee's variegated alocasia elephant ear that went viral last year.

Surrounding the pool area are red emperor caladium, camouflage caladium, giraffe alocasias, petunias, giant golden pothos, philodendron selloum, and a lemon tree.

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