In this Pampanga town, 'liberation' from 7 deadly sins is an Easter tradition

Gracie Rutao, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 21 2019 11:23 PM

The blasting of a human effigy marked with the seven deadly sins is an Easter tradition in the town of Santo Tomas, Pampanga.

It is done to symbolize liberation from worldly sins and the salvation of mankind. The practice is done every Easter Sunday, and is related to the gospel reading of St. Thomas the apostle doubting Jesus.

In previous years, an effigy of Judas Iscariot was ignited by pyrotechnic ravens. 

Like the unnamed human form, it was also twisted, turned upside down and rotated before exploding from legs up to the arms, body followed by the head with a loud bang at the churchyard.

It is done to cast away all the vestiges of sin and spiritual shortcomings of Judas - a form of sacrifice offered to God.

But in 2010, the effigy of Judas was discarded and replaced by an unnamed human form instead.

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