Catriona reacts to netizen telling her, ‘Holy Week is not about vacationing’


Posted at Apr 19 2019 12:32 AM

The beach may have given Catriona Gray the right amount of downtime she needs, but that’s nowhere near the case in her Instagram account.

What was supposed to be the 2018 Miss Universe simply sharing the joy of taking a breather descended into a lengthy, toxic exchange among her followers about her faith.

On Wednesday, Gray posted a photo of her enjoying surf and sand.

“Where I’d rather be to escape the Philippine summer heat,” Gray wrote. “I unfortunately wasnt able to get vitamin sea on my short trip back home to the Philippines but the beach is where my mind will be!” 

While some fans were happy to see Gray just enjoying the moment, one IG user felt otherwise.

Naturally, Gray’s followers were triggered, but instead of reacting in a way that would fan the flames the beauty queen offered a measured, carefully thought out response that only a goodwill ambassador such as her could.