Kings of street style: Enrique, James part of Metro’s 50 best-dressed men


Posted at Apr 18 2018 11:14 PM

Behold, your stars of street style. 

These male celebrities are being hailed by fashion and lifestyle magazine Metro Society for embodying the "the spirit of street-smart dressing" in a list unveiled this week. 

Enrique Gil, James Reid, Xian Lim, and Dingdong Dantes were among those included, alongside a mix of other names from the fashion and business industries. 

Enrique Gil was included for having the "perfect boy-next-door look, but with more swag." They also pointed out that he's one of the rare guys who can rock any accessory he wants. Star Studio

James Reid made it for being able to wear "anything and look sexy in it." Metro Society

Metro described Dingdong Dantes as someone who can effortlessly look stylish in a plethora of trends --"be it ripped jeans, a good watch, or a classic black leather jacket." Dingdong Dantes' Instagram page

Xian Lim was named for his "long and lean physique," which makes it easy for him to wear pretty much anything. Xian Lim's Instagram page

The list is part of Metro Society's campaign to name 50 of the country's best-dressed men. 

And unlike its list on the female fashion elite --which was a more straightforward rundown from 50 to 1-- the male counterpart was broken down into separate categories: street style, business savvy, casual gents, and bespoke mode.