Priest urges Catholics to go beyond rituals, traditions in observing Holy Week


Posted at Apr 16 2019 12:23 AM

MANILA - As the Philippines observes the Holy Week, Filipino Roman Catholic devotees are reminded to go beyond the symbolism and rituals of the Lenten season.

On ANC's "Talkback," Father Aris Sison of the Saint John Paul the II Parish said it is possible for families to get lost in Holy Week traditions and simply follow such traditions without understanding what they mean.

"That is always the danger when you keep on doing things for yourself. For all you know, you're not really praying, you're not doing it for the Lord, you're doing it for yourself," he said.

He also emphasized the importance of prayer, sacrifice and alms giving as the "three pillars of Lent."

"Without prayer, our sacrifices do not mean anything. So again, the three should always go together. It is important to make sacrifices, to abstain, to fast, but we should always be praying and our sacrifices and our prayer should be seen in our alms giving, in our reaching out to our needy brothers and sisters," Sison explained.