Boys rally behind friend whose family was absent on recognition day


Posted at Apr 13 2019 04:38 PM

MANILA - Two boys proved that friendship is real when they came to the rescue of their best friend whose parents could not make it to their recognition day last March 28.

In a Facebook post, Albert Egot Jr. shared how his son Lance, a Grade 4 student at Mintal Elementary School in Davao City, prayed that his best friend Arce would receive an award as he was the only one who had none.

"Naiyak ako nang bahagya (I cried a little). Friendship is real. I heard my son Lance Seigfred telling his best friend in white 'Arce, magpray tayo na tawagin ka, Lord tagai (bigyan nyo ng) award akong friend' (Give my friend an award)," he said.

"That time siya na lang ang hindi natawag (he was the only one who wasn't called yet). When teacher called him for a special best in attendance award, the tropa (group) cheered! Lanz thanked God."


Egot also shared how Lance and his other friend Nicko pinned the award on Arce, whose parents were not in attendance.

"Naluha ako (I teared up). So inspiring. Hope they would see this post when they grow up," he said.

In a separate post on his page, Lance wrote: "K[a]mi muna parents ni Arce kasi wala sila. So kami na muna mag lagay ng ribbon for him."

(We will serve as Arce's parents for now because they are not around. We will pin the ribbon for him.)

Incidentally, Lance received the Happy Helper Award, while Nicko got the Eager Beaver award.

Egot said the gesture reminded him of his college graduation, in which he went on the stage alone because his relatives were still on their way from the farm.

He recounted that the father of his friend offered to move the tassel on his graduation cap- a gesture that signals finishing a school level. 

"I got emotional because biglang nagflashback ang college graduation ko (suddenly I got a flashback of my college graduation)," he said.

"I was there alone but proud. Then Mai Floreza’s father saw me in tears and offered to do the tassel ceremony. At the stage, I saw my family far far away. Guess where we celebrated after kasi 1,500 na lang ang budget namin (because we only had a P1,500 budget) Bulaloan in Agdao Public Market."

Egot said the boys' friendship shows that "we need to treasure people who will cheer us up. We need people who believe in us— like Nico and Lance."

The Facebook post has earned more than 56,000 reactions and has been shared more than 19,000 times as of this posting.