This whisky bar is San Pedro, Laguna's best-kept secret

Marie Francia, ANC-X

Posted at Apr 13 2018 03:39 PM

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In the seemingly quiet province of San Pedro, Laguna lies the thriving town of San Antonio. And in this tiny town is a hidden whisky bar ready to be found.

Just after you enter the San Pedro toll plaza is the San Antonio Exchange (SAX) Terminal where Pedritos is located. It boasts an impressive collection of whisky bottles from your favorite Blue Label to the exquisite Macallan chain. 

Owner and whisky drinker, Eugenio Ynion Jr. personally oversaw the conception of his man cave slash bar. “Pedritos was born out of my love for whisky. It was actually conceptualized because there was really no whisky bars in the south,” said Ynion. 

Marie Francia, ANC-X

What made him love the drink more is his trip to Scotland, whose national drink is – you guessed it right – whisky. This is where he got to appreciate first-hand the ageing process of this fine, fine pick-me-up. The deal breaker, according to him, is the wood where the drink is stored and how long they age it. 

And when asked about his favorite bottle, “It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I feel like opening a bottle of Yamazaki. There are days when I like Glengoyne. If you’re quite familiar with the different taste of whisky, you’ll know what to pick up next time you thirst for one.” 

Marie Francia, ANC-X
Marie Francia, ANC-X

Pedritos is only less than an hour from Metro Manila (sans the traffic, of course) and is accessible to those who want to wind down a little with a glass or two of scotch.
SAX Terminal is also a gastronomical hub so if you feel like eating first before hitting the bar, you can opt to have a Filipino feast at the Kapiterya or challenge yourself with fusion dishes at the Hacienda Brew.

Get yourself a glass of comfort at Pedritos at the San Antonio Exchange Terminal, Magsaysay Road, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna.