'Give yourself something to look forward to': 6 tips survive the extended COVID-19 lockdown


Posted at Apr 11 2020 07:25 PM

Celebrity life coach and author Myke Celis shared his tops on how to "survive" this enforced downtime. Handout

MANILA -- Miss travelling or going out to eat? Make a list of things you plan to do with your friends, or even by yourself, after the lockdown ends. That's just one tip from celebrity life coach and author Myke Celis on how to "survive" this extended downtime.

Celis, author of the self-help book "#BestMeEver: Of Positivity and Possibilities," said some people will find it difficult to adjust to this new reality under lockdown due to the coronavirus.


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This is because "people tend to be pressured to conform," meaning that they put immense pressure on themselves to be productive during this quarantine period. He argued that "waking up the next day, COVID-free, is an achievement by itself."

"You don't even have to force yourself to do anything because (by being alive) that will be more than enough," he added.

With that in mind, below are his six tips to achieve this inner peace against the stress and anxiety brought up about COVID-19:

1. "First things first: accept the space you're in. Being resentful prevents you from growing where you are. Know that the more you resist, the more chaotic everything seems."

2. "Follow through by setting a very simple goal: to survive. This may include simply waking up healthy, keeping safe in your space and just appreciating what you have."

3. "Next: know that you have everything within to survive. We oftentimes forget that and we depend so much on everything else around us: the news, the donations, what others are doing. How different will it be if we focus on what we can do, in our space, with what we have? That makes it more self sustaining."

4. "Don't let the extended lockdown cause you to break down. Plot a workable routine that will be comfortable for you. Manage your work schedules, watch Netflix in between, exercise, bond with family. What if instead of considering it as a huge separation from the rest of the world, you see the lock down as a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself and all things (and people) which really matter? By plotting your list coming from inspiration, instead of fear and desperation, you are able to defeat boredom and anxiety without going overboard and straining yourself in the process."

5. "Self-care is key. Take longer showers. Wear nice clothes. Update your skin care routine. Shave when needed. Exercise. Read books. Binge watch. Do all the things that will make you appreciate yourself more and the space you're in. Don't ever feel guilty for not subscribing to what others are doing at present. You do you."

6. "Lastly, give yourself something to look forward to: what do you want to do after the lockdown? Make a list. Plot your travels. Check out where you want to eat. What hairstyle do you want to get. What do you want to do? Just do it. And know that you deserve it. By having something to look forward to, you allow yourself to be happier and more inspired as days go by."