Binignit, a comfort food for many Pinoys during Holy Week


Posted at Apr 07 2023 05:39 PM

Sharon Evite, ABS-CBN News
Sharon Evite, ABS-CBN News

HINUNANGAN, Southern Leyte — Binignit may be considered as a comfort dish for many Filipinos, most especially during the Holy Week. 

This was proven true on Good Friday by a group of women members of the Grace Gospel Church of Christ here in the province, who, despite not practicing Holy Week activities, prepared this popular staple during a special gathering. 

Catherine Broa, who is among the women who helped in preparing it, said its simplicity, yet bursting with bold and mixed flavors, made it among the Filipinos' favorite sweet stews.

Broa said they cooked binignit during a church fellowship, which they purposely do during Holy Week because of the long series of holidays. 

This sweet soup is usually made with a combination of root crops, bananas, sticky rice, coconut milk, tapioca pearls, and sugar. To make it more flavorful, a little salt and a few pandan leaves are added.

"Ang ginat-an ay maraming sahog, merong kamote, saging, malagkit na bigas, at saka merong landang, merong bilo-bilo, sago, at saka meron ding langka. Tapos lagyan mo ng gata, ang sarap. At lagyan ng asukal at konting asin, masarap talaga. 'Yan ang sekreto, tapos lagyan mo ng pandan china," Broa said while helping the preparation of this milky and hearty Filipino dessert. 

This mouth-watering and tongue-scalding sweet stew though comes with many names in Southern Leyte. 

Some call it binignit; for others, it is ginat-an, tabirak, or landang. But whatever it is called, there is no doubt that it is such a treat for Filipinos in terms of taste and appearance, whether on a special holiday or just any ordinary day.

— Report from Sharon Evite, ABS-CBN News 


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