WATCH: Kylie Verzosa shares workout routine


Posted at Apr 06 2021 01:20 PM

MANILA -- Ever wondered how Kylie Verzosa stays fit? The former Miss International recently gave a glimpse of her workout routine. 

Verzosa can be seen working out at a gym with her trainer in her latest vlog, which also listed the different exercises she does to stay in shape.

She said she lost a lot of unwanted pounds because of cardio exercises, and was able to get toned through weight training.

"Ever since I started doing cardio parang mas nakita ko na pumayat ako. That's where I really lost the weight," Verzosa said. 

"I used to do just a lot of these... high-intensity workout weights. I think this is where I got a lot of shape, guys, from doing a lot of weight workouts," she added.

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According to Verzosa, she works out not just for aesthetics but also to "feel better." 

"Personally, I feel so much better after a workout," she said.

Want to try Verzosa's workout routine? Check it out below:

- 5-minute stretching 
- 10-minute run (speed: 9 kph for 1.5 km)
- 2 sets walking lunges 
- 2 sets lunge with squat press
- 2 sets squat to cable row
- 2 sets cable oblique twists
- 2 sets renegade row
- 2 sets plank with toe and finger taps
- 2 sets in and outs
- 2 sets mountain climbers
- 2 sets kettlebell squat
- 2 sets reverse lunge
- 2 sets kettlebell swing
- 2 sets battle ropes (30 seconds)
- 2 sets heavy bag (1 minute)

Verzosa rose to fame in 2016 after winning the sixth Miss International crown for the Philippines.

She later on ventured into acting, starring in various TV shows and movies.

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