Here's how Kelley Day answered in Q&A of Miss Eco International


Posted at Apr 05 2021 01:49 PM

Here's how Kelley Day answered in Q&A of Miss Eco International 1
Kelley Day during the Top 10 Q&A of Miss Eco International. Screengrab from the pageant's Facebook page

Kelley Day talked about gender equality and violence in schools in the two question and answer rounds of Miss Eco International, where she finished first runner-up.

In the pageant streamed live from Egypt, Day commended the Philippines for being "successful in gender equality," and hoped that she could use her platform to share this with the rest of the world.

She also called for better security in schools, and turned emotional as she asked "anyone that is planning to do something to children to stop."

Below is the transcript of Day's Q&A segment:

TOP 10 

Q: Can you talk about gender equality?

"The Philippines stands very strong with gender equality, actually. Women tend to get jobs as equally as men, and payment tends to be the same as well. So from my experience working in the Philippines for the past five years, I've been very, very blessed to have gender equality in my line of work and in my country. 

"But that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen around the world and I'm aware of that. And hopefully with the Miss Eco International crown, I can share how the Philippines is successful in gender equality with the rest of the world."


Q: Recently, we had more violence in schools. How do you think can we make a better way to promote safety in our schools?

"This is a really serious topic and I'm very passionate about looking after our generation to come. Because they are the most important, they are the ones that are going to fix the mess that we have made in the environment, and with violence, too. 

"So when a child goes to school, they're supposed to feel safe, protected when they are away from their family. And I can't imagine if I went to school feeling scared, and I've actually seen live footages of what has been happening in schools and it just really, truly breaks my heart. 

"Unfortunately, as the world is going through a lot of changes right now, there is violence. And the best thing that we can do right now is to improve the security in school. There has to be things like security checks and maybe like metal detectors, because that's really all we can do right now, and just share the word.

"As I'm standing here on this stage, I have the opportunity to tell anyone that is planning to do something to children to stop. Look after our generation, please. Thank you."

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