Nadine Lustre praises Masungi foundation co-founders


Posted at Apr 03 2023 04:11 PM

Screenshot from Nadine Lustre's YouTube channel.
Screenshot from Nadine Lustre's YouTube channel.

MANILA — Actress Nadine Lustre lauded the co-founders of Masungi Georeserve Foundation, Ann and Billie Dumaliang, for their efforts to save the environment.

"I'm seeing all of the challenges that you guys are going through. It's intense, it's super intense," Lustre said in her vlog while visiting the area.

"I super admire you, guys, for caring for Masungi, for the environment. I'm pretty sure that this is not the end of it," she added.

Billie said their experience helped her become more adaptable to change.

"The experience has really helped me become more resilient and adaptable because in Masungi, in particular, today (or) tomorrow, you'll never know what new challenge lies ahead," Billie said. 

"So, 'yung muscle mo parang nae-exercise siya. Para siyang workout na admitting na it's a lifelong thing, na challenges are only gonna get harder. That's gonna give you a long-term perspective that this challenge will pass," she added. 

Ann added that you should never give up given the threats.

"Hindi ka talo unless you give up. You need to know when to take a rest but you're winning if you're still fighting. Talagang you never back down. The things that you are going through are heavy, it's actual threats," she said. 

Billie hopes that more people would join their advocacy to help save the planet.

"Hopefully, more people join us to challenge those people in power, decision-makers, to look at things differently, to operate things differently," she said.

"We are so far behind doon sa targets natin sa biodiversity, targets natin for climate, and also Philippines is No. 1 to be dangerous to environment defenders. Ang layo natin sa ideal place that we should be. Ang laking transformational change na kailangan."


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