Vicki Belo talks about preventing 'cosmetic surgery addiction'


Posted at Mar 29 2021 03:39 PM

MANILA -- Too much of anything is bad, including cosmetic surgery, according to Vicki Belo.

The doctor to the stars talked about preventing "cosmetic surgery addiction" in her clinics at a recent Women's Month event organized by the Bataan Provincial Women's Commission.

While she is supportive of transforming women through cosmetic procedures to boost their self-esteem, she feels the need to stop those who want changes that are "no longer beneficial for them."

To address her patients who are "addicted" to cosmetic surgery, Belo has hired psychologists and therapists at her clinics to help them process their "unrealistic" demands. 

"Because some of them have been enjoying the praises they reap after a procedure, they tend to ask for more and sometimes what they want done is no longer beneficial for them," she said.

In her talk, Belo also opened up to being bullied as a child because she was "fat, ugly, and adopted." This, she said, made her want to be a doctor of beauty.

"I thought then that because I was fat and ugly, my real parents didn't like me and decided to give me away. So, I had to be become a doctor who could make people beautiful so their parents won't give them away," she said. 

The founder and medical director of the Belo Medical Group said she is happy how the "physical changes in my patients affect them in the most positive way," citing clients such as socialite Jinkee Pacquiao and singer Morissette Amon. 

"It really makes me happy when I see how the physical changes in my patients affect them in the most positive way. They are able to get opportunities in life that were not even possible before their transformation. That's really priceless and you cannot put a price tag to that. I feel so fulfilled to help change their lives this way," she said. 

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