Andi Eigenmann talks about 'sustainable' fitness journey


Posted at Mar 28 2023 01:17 PM

Andi Eigenmann recently took to social media to open up about her fitness journey, saying it was a slow and steady process.

The actress-turned-vlogger said it took her two years to lose 60 pounds by "constantly making better choices with the food I eat."

She always made sure that her meals were still "hearty and filling" despite having the goal of losing weight.

"I feel like it seemed like it flew by so quickly because I put a limit and set new goals each time. That way, it didn't feel like I was doing it forever, resulting in feeling like a failure," Eigenmann said.

"Listening to my body, and not torturing it, is why I don't end up 'binge eating all the weight back,' the most common side effect of diet trends," she added.

Eigenmann is now focused on maintaining her weight, and has since been eating both healthy meals and the occasional "junk" food.

Sharing a slideshow of the things she usually eats in a day, the actress said: "I eat what I want without being reckless. I lean towards the healthier options, but I still give in to my cravings even if they're 'junk.' This is how I'm able to go about my fitness journey in a sustainable way." 

"I'm in the hopes of becoming a certified nutritionist one day, and in everything I have learned so far, a good tip to know what meals to lean towards: Eat the rainbow! Carbs are not the enemy! It's important that we don't leave out certain food groups because they all serve for something."

Eigenmann went on to encourage her social media followers to embrace a healthier lifestyle, which goes beyond food and weight loss.

"My approach on this whole fitness journey is holistic, in such a way that all aspects of my well-being go hand-in-hand. So while we now know that 'losing the weight' is mostly about food, it will definitely work way more if your entire lifestyle goes with it. Good exercise and a great mindset to go along with it should do the trick!" she ended.