Teddy Locsin Jr. says farewell to 'The World Tonight'


Posted at Mar 28 2017 12:53 AM

Teddy Locsin Jr. shared his thoughts on the importance of the United Nations as he made his final 'Teditorial' on ANC's 'The World Tonight' on Monday. 

Locsin, who will assume his new post as the Philippines' representative to the U.N., dedicated his final piece to explaining the continuing relevance of the world body.

"The U.N. was not meant for big powers, which can turn their backs on each other while they prey on the small. The U.N. is not even for states and governments," Locsin said. 

"But as the opening phrase of the charter says, it is for the peoples of the United Nations--the people, the unprotected, the victims of big powers and their own bad governments." 

"A world without the United Nations will be a jungle for the weak. And finally for the strong." 

Before Teditorial, Locsin also hosted ABS-CBN's current affairs show "Assignment" from 1994 to 2003.

He was also a newspaper publisher and columnist.

His columns, written for the defunct "The Daily Globe" and "Today" broadsheets, were known for their acerbic wit and intellectual humor, alternating between a serious dissection of issues to flippant observations about the life and the world.

Locsin brought the same biting style of writing to his Teditorial segment, which was a shorter spoken-word equivalent of his newspaper essays.

Locsin, who has also written speeches for Philippine presidents, said he had fun doing Teditorial.

"It was a long run and very much fun to do. I hope you enjoyed it too," he said. 

Locsin bid farewell to co-anchors Tina Monzon Palma "whose expressive eyebrows gave the best reaction to my teditorials," and to Tony Velasquez "whose laughter evoked the right reaction to them."

He also thanked the ANC staff who labored with him on his segment.

Locsin ended his last Teditorial with his wishes for the Philippines.

"God keep our country safe, While some are playing with it." 

And of course his signature farewell.

"'Good night and good luck,' as Ed Murrow said. And keep well, as I do."