3 tips from Fil-Am who sold app to Snapchat for $54M


Posted at Mar 27 2017 03:48 PM | Updated as of Mar 27 2017 04:14 PM

3 tips from Fil-Am who sold app to Snapchat for $54M 1
Garrett Gee, web designer, app developer and multi-millionaire at 28 years old, gives an inspirational talk to a crowd of students at Dolphy Theater in ABS-CBN. Fernando G. Sepe Jr., ABS-CBN News

MANILA – Garrett Gee is not your average millennial. For one, this 28-year-old Filipino-American is richer by $54 million after selling his app, Scan, to the image messaging app Snapchat.

But instead of reaping the benefits of his hard work, Gee has decided to start all over again.

Without touching his $54 million in savings, he sold all his belongings to travel around the world with his family and document their adventure in social media under the name “The Bucket List Family.”

Two years since he began his new journey as a wanderer, Gee finds his way in the Philippines. On Monday, he shared his insights with fellow millennials at the TFCU Talk organized by ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel.

He also took the opportunity to announce that he has partnered with ABS-CBN and TFC for a web series.

“Here’s the cool thing I could not be more stoked on. I have partnered with ABS-CBN International and together, we’re going to create a TV show, a web series and other digital content,” he said. “And the most exciting part of all is that means I’m going to be in the Philippines a lot more.”

Here are some life tips shared by Gee during his TFCU Talk:

1. Don’t get comfortable. Comfort never was happiness. It might feel comfortable for a little bit, but that’s when your life stops. But if you stay uncomfortable, you can face your fears and keep trying new things. That’s when life progresses, that’s when life gets better.

2. If you can make it up and someone is willing to pay you for it, you just invented a job.

3. Travel. When you’re traveling, you learn a lot of lessons every day… One thing you learn when traveling is that good people exist all around the world. If you watch a lot of media and kind of get a bad picture, you’re gonna start to think that the world is a scary or dangerous place. But the nice thing is when you travel, you learn the exact opposite. The world is safe, the world is beautiful, and people are kind.