'Not chicken water': Erwan Heussaff defends 'trending' tinola by sharing own recipe


Posted at Mar 23 2021 01:32 PM

'Not chicken water': Erwan Heussaff defends 'trending' tinola by sharing own recipe 1
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MANILA -- Tinola became a local trending topic on Twitter on Monday as some netizens referred to the Filipino soup dish as "chicken water."

Not taking this sitting down, Filipino-French food vlogger Erwan Heussaff joined in the conversation as he shared his own tinola recipe on Instagram.

"Some people were saying that this much-loved soup tastes like water with chicken. I think those people need to cook better tinola. Here is how I do it at home," he said in the caption.

"In these times of uncertainty and frustration, over our current situation in the Philippines, focus your energy on what you can change and control. A bowl of soup never hurts either," he added.


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For his recipe, Heussaff used organic chicken, ginger, garlic, chicken broth, green papaya, fish sauce, chili leaves, and malunggay.

He began by searing the chicken and setting it aside, and cooking the ginger until brown. 

Heussaff then cooked the garlic and brought back the chicken, and added chicken broth. 

After letting it simmer for 40 minutes, he added fish sauce, green papaya, chili leaves, and malunggay. 

"I really feel sorry for that guy. He's probably never tried a really good tinola," Heussaff said in the video.

"Why anyone would call this chicken water is beyond me," he ended.

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