Life coach shares tips on dealing with anger, anxiety amid lockdown


Posted at Mar 23 2020 12:13 PM

Life coach shares tips on dealing with anger, anxiety amid lockdown 1
Life coach Myke Celis. Handout

MANILA -- There's no denying that the coronavirus-induced lockdown has stirred up the emotions of many people, causing feelings of anger and anxiety to surface.

Life coach Myke Celis acknowledged that people might feel trapped and helpless in their homes, worried about their own safety as well as the future of their family and loved ones.

He said that while this is a common occurrence, it should be immediately addressed.

"Anger and anxiety are two most common emotions we feel whenever we are in a situation that compromises our freedom, alongside fear and sadness. However, it is important to know that anger and anxiety cripple us as they distort our views of the present and future, while preventing us from recognizing possible solutions on hand because we are overwhelmed by the situation we are in," he said in a statement. 

"However in the process, we miss out the point that what is happening around us (the coronavirus pandemic) is beyond our control," he added. "What is in our control now is how we react to it as we strive to rise above the situation on hand."

"The coronavirus has put the entire world to a pause, but we shouldn't let anger and anxiety stop us from becoming what we are meant to be. Life goes on. And so can you."

Celis, author of the local best-selling book "#BestMeEver: Of Positivity and Possibilities," went on to share his tips on how to deal with anger and anxiety amid the lockdown:


"Do not let your emotions get the best of you initially. Though things may be overwhelming at first, allow yourself to pause and reflect. What exactly are you feeling? Where is this coming from? Is it helping me? Is it something I can control? Answering all those will give you clarity as you face the situation on hand head on."


"Believe it or not, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Situations, good or bad, are teaching you something that you need to know so that you grow in harmony with the season you're in now. Best question to ask is: what can I do here and now that will help me rise above in the process?"


"Positive resilience talks about more than just surviving in a desperate situation. It's about rising above and thriving. Visualize the kind of results you want to have. If you have an experience in the past where you felt most joyful and productive, relive it. Adapt to your thoughts about the future. When you anchor your thoughts on something positive, it allows you to debunk your feelings of anger and anxiety. That is when you can truly bounce back with flying colors. Align your action plans with your desired results."


"Even though dealing with anger and anxiety starts internally, you don't have to journey alone when you have them all figured out. Share your thoughts with your family, friends, loved ones... you may find yourself surprised because they may share your exact sentiments. And that's a beautiful thing to remember: that never in your life will you be alone in your journey."


"There are times when things go crazy and you are not able to process things fully on your own. More than ever, know that professional help is readily available. Don't try to resolve things on your own. Allow someone, like me for instance, as a coach, who's trained to journey with you during trying times. I always say that the best investment you can make is the one you make for yourself." 

Meanwhile, Celis and two of his fellow life coaches are holding a daily Facebook live show every 7 p.m. to help people who are struggling emotionally amid the coronavirus crisis.

He said the sessions will last "until lockdown is over."