LOOK: Jinri Park gets married in Australia amid COVID-19


Posted at Mar 22 2020 12:30 AM

“I can’t wait till the virus dies down so I can wear my wedding dress and have my dad walk me down the aisle.” 

This was what TV host and model Jinri Park wrote as she shared this Saturday that she and her non-showbiz partner had to settle for a low-key ceremony for now, until the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis ends. 

On Instagram, she posted a photo of her and her partner, John, whom she had already married in a Korean wedding ceremony, sharing a kiss after marrying again at a church in Sydney, Australia. She added that only John’s family was present as their witnesses.

Park, a former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate, was clad in a simple white dress, and she wrote in the caption that she is still very much looking forward to the day their planned church wedding with friends and family would push through. 

“Today was our wedding day but due to the virus we decided to postpone it. We still went to the church to legally sign the registry and got married. The weather was perfect and we had John's family there to witness,” she told her fans, before reminding them to stay safe during this time of crisis. 

Earlier this week, Park admitted that she felt “upset” over postponing their wedding because of all the stress she had to go through with planning it. 

She did say that she understands the need for the measures against COVID-19, and told her fellow brides who had to move their weddings that “we now have a story to tell our grandchildren.”