VIRAL: 'Housemate' imagines quarantine as 'PBB' stint


Posted at Mar 18 2020 09:03 PM

MANILA — Amid the Luzon-wide quarantine that is keeping many Filipinos at home, it appears some have made use of their time indoors for creative pursuits, among them parodies that are sure viral hits.


One such parody is a "Pinoy Big Brother"-inspired take on the month-long community quarantine, where Facebook user Isabel Garcia imagines herself as one of "Kuya's" housemates.

In the ABS-CBN reality show, the contestants stay inside Big Brother's famous yellow house for the duration of the series.

Using the iconic theme song "Pinoy Ako" as background music, the video shows Isabel waking up, putting on an imaginary lapel mic, taking care of her hygiene, before finally facing "Kuya" in the confession room.

Owing to its timeliness, the spoof quickly made the rounds online, and as of writing, already had some 40,000 reactions.

Previously, a local parody of the community singing in Italy amid the country's lockdown similarly went viral, with many viewers also saying that humor was welcome amid uncertainties surrounding the pandemic.