7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown


Posted at Mar 18 2020 08:48 PM | Updated as of Mar 19 2020 04:02 AM

MANILA — Below is a list of some free mobile games you can play with your friends while at the comforts of your own home during this quarantine period due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Just remember to play them on your free time and not when you’re supposed to be working from home.

1. Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!

7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown 1
Bright, colorful and features very catchy songs —this game can act as a wonderful tonic during this anxious and stressful time

If you’re looking for a fun rhythm game experience with friends, this one is sure to deliver. It has a proper multiplayer mode, including friend-matchmaking, where you and your buddies can spend hours and hours cycling through the game’s extensive library of some of the catchiest Japanese songs. A bit of warning though: this is classified as a “gacha game” which basically means that it’s designed in a way to entice real-money spending. Just make sure to spend only if you can, and remember that you don’t need the newest shiny cards (it also is a card collector type of game) to have fun in this one.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown 2
Chaotically fun, this game, especially when played with friends, will be hard to put down.

This one needs no introduction. Still a favorite of Filipinos everywhere, Mobile Legends is played with two teams of five players with a gameplay that’s very simple: the teams defend bases at opposite ends of a map, while AI minions walk down lanes towards the opposition. You can play alone, but matching up with random people online can be an extremely frustrating experience, so it is highly recommended to have you and your friends sync up your free time during this quarantine period for a quick game, or two, or three.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown 3
It was a latecomer to mobile, but it was well worth the wait given its polish

This one brings the action and fun of the franchise’s console and PC versions to mobile —and surprisingly enough, the way it adjusted its controls to fit the size of your phone screen works really well. The UI is clean and is easy to pick up, especially if you’re already familiar with these kinds of first-person shooters. The game comes with plenty of modes to sink your time in, but I’d recommend the classic 5-on-5 one, which is perfect for short bursts of play when you and your friends just want to unwind after a day or working from home, or online classes.

4. Pokemon Go

7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown 4
You can now be the very best, even in the comforts of your own home

Now this may sound like an odd recommendation, since its whole schtick is to get us out of our homes and walk around to try and find new Pokemon to catch, navigate PokeStops, and battle gyms. But Niantic, its developer, has recently announced updates with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in mind, ones that will make the game enjoyable even in “individual settings.” This includes “increasing habitats so that trainers can see more monsters nearby while playing closer to home,” and offering incense packs, which increase monster spawns, at a 99% discount, according to Polygon.

5. Mario Kart Tour

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When it first launched, this game didn’t really allow you to play with your friends. But now that it does, it became difficult not to include this one in this list as it still is —its freemium model aside— a Mario Kart game that was able to properly translate the wacky, good fun the franchise is known for into our phones.

6. Words with Friends Classic

7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown 5
A fun game to keep tease your brain with every day of this quarantine period

Yes, that really old Scrabble-esque game is sort of the perfect-time waster during this period of isolation. It allows you to play several matches at once, has an in-game chat, and can match you up with strangers if your friends are still busy working.

7. Arknights and Fate Grand Order

7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown 6
Arknights is a tower defense game that’s proving to be more than just its character designs

Coupling these two together since they’re on this list not because they have a multiplayer mode —but because you’ll find that you’ll be talking to your friends about them a lot. Whether its exchanging tactics or sharing your newly-upgraded units in Arknights, or discussing the epic story of Fate Grand Order, there’s plenty to fill your group chats online with just these two.

7 free mobile games to play with your friends during this lockdown 7
There’s plenty of fun to be had in discovering the various (often wacky) takes this game has on historical figures

A little background, Arknights is a tower defense game where you take on the role of a doctor and deploy your squad —ranging from snipers to medics, the designs of which will be appealing to those who are into Japanese anime — to fight off waves of minions.

Fate Grand Order, on the other hand, is one of the most popular mobile games from Japan, and you play as a fledgling “master” tasked to save time and space. What’s most interesting about it is its take on historical figures, which the game has taken plenty of liberty with in telling their stories. One example is that King Arthur, the legendary medieval hero, is a woman.

Also take note that both are another examples of “gacha games” so consult your friends and family before spending.