Coincidence? 1997 Archie comics strip predicted online schooling in 2021


Posted at Mar 17 2021 07:41 PM

A 1997 Archie comic strip sent netizens abuzz as it appeared to have predicted students taking online classes in 2021. 

Archie Comics uploaded on Tuesday a strip titled “Betty in High School 2021 A.D.” which showed students attending classes via computer without going to school and just staying in their homes. 

In the strip, characters were seen wearing futuristic clothes while Betty’s father noting how lucky students are in 2021. 


“Kids today are so lucky! They’re able to go to school in their own home,” he said. 

There was also a video camera attached to a computer in the illustration. 

This coincided with the reality in 2021 where students across the globe are forced to take online classes due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Netizens were amazed with what seemed like an accurate prediction of the future 24 years ago. 

“Well we don't have flying cars but this is oddly prophetic,” one comment on Facebook said.