WATCH: 'World's Hottest Math Teacher' wants to meet Ellen Adarna


Posted at Mar 14 2017 02:02 AM


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It seems that the "World's Hottest Math Teacher" is smitten with a Filipina beauty.

Pietro Boselli, more popularly known as the "World's Hottest Math Teacher," said in a video that he wants to meet local celebrity Ellen Adarna.

In an Instagram video posted by Danel Louise Calixto of W Talent management, Boselli is seen making a video greeting to Adarna.

"I did see your picture and I thought you were really beautiful," the 28-year-old PhD in mechanical engineering holder said in the video.

Boselli said he is looking forward to meeting Adarna soon.

"I am really looking forward to meeting you. Hopefully very soon. I don't know why they have not introduced us yet," he added.

Adarna has replied to Boselli's video.

On Instagram, Adarna joked that she realized she loves math.


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The celebrity added that she will make time for the London-educated engineer-turned-model.

"I can't wait to see you and I will make time for you," Adarna said in jest.

Boselli is in the Philippines for an endorsement engagement with a local clothing brand.