Here are some digital trends for casual internet users


Posted at Mar 10 2023 08:01 PM

SKY Fiber has rounded up a couple of digital trends to help keep casual internet users in the loop. Handout
SKY Fiber has rounded up a couple of digital trends to help keep casual internet users in the loop. Handout

MANILA – SKY Fiber is keeping casual internet users in the loop with several digital trends to watch out for 2023.

Amid the remote and hybrid arrangements in school, work, and events, some netizens find it difficult to catch up with the fast-moving pace of the digital era – including being updated with the latest tech or hottest trends online.
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Here are the emerging digital trends you can take advantage of this year. 
1. More people are getting hooked on audio content.

It’s time to join in the craze and diversify playlists with more music and podcasts. Audio content is perfect for those who want to multitask or have background sounds while working on other things.
Listen to a new genre or learn something new from today’s popular podcasters. After all, many are embracing “edutainment” or education and entertainment put together as online content.
2. Smart wearables are becoming the norm.

Still on the fence about using a smartwatch or fitness tracker? Several others have strapped the device on and integrated it into their lifestyles.
Coming from a pandemic, health has become a major priority for most. Smartwatches and fitness trackers can help monitor key health indicators such as heart rate, sleeping quality, and blood pressure. It can also be set up to remind exercise and track fitness goals.
3. Online communities foster more support and connection-building.

While online communities have been around for quite some time, the quality of conversations and formats of social media apps have been shifting. It’s less about highlighting individual experiences and more about helping or connecting with other people online.

Don’t shy away from internet forums or chat groups that can contribute positivity. If there’s a community that values the same interests as you, join in the conversation or, better yet, start your own.

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