Public cemetery-based group rescues, cares for kids, animals


Posted at Mar 08 2019 11:01 PM | Updated as of Mar 08 2019 11:39 PM

A local animal rescue group is using all means to help and to give joy to both children and animals in an impoverished area in Pasay City.

Guided by principles based on compassion and kindness to everyone, the group called "Pasay Pups" aims to make a difference in the lives of residents who call the Pasay City Public Cemetery their home.

"We would never refuse to help someone who needs our assistance. If there [is] a dog, if there [is] a cat, [and] if there [is] a human, we would always do whatever we can to help anyone in need," said founder Ashley Fruno.

Pasay Pups has been teaching children residing in the cemetery, with basics lessons including reading, writing, and life skills.

Through collaborative work, 32-year-old Canadian animal rights activist Fruno also shared that the group has provided care for over a thousand animals.

"What was originally started out as one dog soon became three dogs, then six and then 12, then 48, and now we're looking after over a hundred animals every single week. And every year we vaccinate over a thousand animals," she said.

"The core message of Pasay Pups is compassion and kindness," she said.

The goal of Pasay Pups this year is to create a more structured educational program for the children by working with more teachers and planning more activities to show the youth what life has to offer beyond the cemetery walls.

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