PETA lauds Pamela Anderson’s advocacy for animals


Posted at Mar 02 2023 01:48 PM


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Pamela Anderson has been making waves with her new documentary "Pamela, a Love Story," which has become the second-most streamed show on Netflix. 

The documentary features the "Baywatch" icon discussing her life, stardom, and animal advocacy work with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

While the documentary showcases Anderson's activism on a global scale, it doesn't mention the impact she's had in the Philippines. 

This, after Anderson launched Tagalog versions of advertisements promoting vegan living with her "All Animals Have the Same Parts" and "Turn Over a New Leaf" PSAs. 

These, PETA said, have been instrumental in spreading the message of animal advocacy in the country.

PETA Asia senior vice president Jason Baker praised Anderson's advocacy work and urged others to follow her example.

“From the Philippines to her home country of Canada, Pamela Anderson has made her mark advocating for abused animals,” Baker said in a statement released Thursday. 

“While the rest of us probably won’t end up on the cover of Playboy or playing lifeguards, we can all look to emulate Pamela in the way that matters most: by speaking up for animals whenever and wherever they need us,” he added.