How Ibaloys survive the cold Cordillera mountains


Posted at Mar 01 2017 01:28 AM | Updated as of Mar 01 2017 03:41 AM

The Ibaloys of Benguet have farmed the slopes of the Cordillera mountain range for centuries. 

Witnessing the harsh weather conditions through the ages, they have learned to adapt their methods to the changing environment. 

The annual frost experienced in high-altitude farms in Atok, Benguet is just one these challenges. The dip in temperature result in icy formations that damage crops.

Ibaloy elder and farmer Saturnino Marquez has had his share of losses in the past sixty years. 

He was one of the first students in the first high school in their community. His could have been a story of overcoming the odds through education, if only his schooling wasn’t cut short because of his family’s financial difficulties. 

But as in the annual frost that affects their region, instead of trying to control the situation, Satur has learned to adapt, and live with it in harmony.

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