What kind of show would Catriona Gray like to do with Pia Wurtzbach?


Posted at Feb 24 2021 12:06 PM

MANILA – Can you imagine a show featuring two Miss Universe winners?

Catriona Gray obviously got excited over the thought of doing a show with Pia Wurtzbach that she already has some concepts in mind of what it could be.

In an interview with G3 San Diego on Monday, Gray said it should be something that no one would expect from them “and completely non-pageantry related!”

“It’s given that we are Miss Universes. It would be nice to see us do something that people wouldn’t expect,” she said.

Throwing in some ideas, Gray said it could be an adventure sports show or something like “Cardi Tries,” the docuseries featuring Cardi B doing out-of-character activities.

“It could be like adventure sports or something. I don’t know if Pia is into that kind of stuff but yes, that would be fun. ‘Di ba si Cardi B had this show where she tried so many random things? Maybe something like that. I don’t know,” she gushed.

Gray and Wurzbach have never really done a show together save for joint appearances in various events.

Now that she’s part of the entertainment industry, Gray said she still sees herself pursuing music even though she’s been doing a lot of hosting stints lately.

“I know that I’m a talker so hosting is definitely something that I’m interested in pursuing but there is a different calling that I feel with music. I felt it ever since I was young,” she said.

“I am so aware that people are gonna be like, ‘Well you should have that opportunity [with music] because you are a beauty queen.’ I put pressure on myself. I need to earn my place. I need to be able to give something that’s worth being here. So I hold my music at a very high standard.”

To this day, Gray looks forward to finally releasing her original compositions and hopefully her supporters would love it.

“Because I really do put my heart into everything. That’s really what I would love to pursue because it gives me joy. I am millennial when I want to orientate my job from what I love and what I am passionate about,” she said. 

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