Why Vicki Belo did not give up on Hayden Kho after his 2009 sex scandal

Karl Cedrick Basco, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Feb 23 2021 05:30 PM

MANILA -- It took a video scandal for Hayden Kho to realize the true meaning of love and heal all the wounds of the past. 

In an interview with host and actress Toni Gonzaga, Kho and his wife, celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, openly talked about the scandal and how they were able to survive this dark chapter in their relationship. 

“There’s a lot of humiliation. There’s a lot of fear. And there's a feeling of desperation na what I'm gonna do to fix this,” Kho admitted in the vlog. 

Belo, on the other hand, bared how worried she was about Kho's mental health at the time. 

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“Ayaw mong makita 'yung mangyayari. When he talks, it's okay lang to be dead,” said Belo, who admitted they broke up months before the videos were made public in May 2009.

Despite this, Belo said she couldn’t leave Kho that easily. 

“For 3 days he didn't wake up. Who else is gonna take care of him? I was the one. His neurologist decided to do an EEG which is a brain wave measurement. It was very low,” she recalled.

Belo prayed ardently and promised to stay with him should he return to his normal condition. Kho regained consciousness after. 

Kho revealed it was only during the time when he met God that he realized his purpose in life and understood why he needed to experience everything in the past. 

“Looking back, I realized it's very true that sometimes God allows you to go through shameful things because that's actually grace and mercy. At ‘yun na lang ipapa-experience niya sa 'yo just to wake you up,” Kho said. 

According to him, his life started to change when God came to his life through a mentor who shared with him the importance of living a life based on truth. 

“I discovered Christ and really got to know my Lord. Without intending to really change, I just noticed, some of my friends were already commenting na ‘iba na 'yung disposition mo. You are at peace,’” Kho remembered. 

Asked what God said to him, Kho bared: “I am precious. I am important. I am made from the image of God. I have purpose. If you experience that kind of love that really transforms you. When I met Christ I learned love is not an idea. Love is actually a person.”

“You can’t know what love is without understanding who Christ is,” he added. 


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Belo agreed, saying no one can change a person until you surrender your life to God. 

Kho took time to thank Belo for being the Lord’s instrument by helping him survive one of the darkest moments of his life.

“Kung ako lang, on my own, I won't really be able to survive. I thank my family, Vicki, interestingly siya ‘yung na-offend ko; siya pa 'yung ka-help ko doon. Most importantly, it's God.I experienced God's love through my wife Vicki.”

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