LOOK: Pre-wedding pictorial takes couple on the LRT-1 love train


Posted at Feb 14 2020 10:43 PM

MANILA—For a good many, local trains remind the public of the hassle of commuting, of the long lines, and of all the hours wasted. 

For one newly engaged couple, though, the LRT-1 trains will always be where they grew to love one another. 

As seen in this prenup shoot video, organized by Deity Films, John Louie and Ansherina, who work as LRT train operators, decided to do something different to celebrate their upcoming wedding. 

Ditching the turquoise beaches or picturesque gardens, they opted to lovingly gaze at one another in the middle of rail tracks and inside the LRT-1 trains, their shoot coinciding with the launch of the LRT-1's Love Train, special coaches with themes that represent the different stages of love. Check it out below: 


The couple were engaged in December. John Louie has been working with Light Rail Manila Corp. for four years, while Ansherina for three years. 

More images of their prenup shoot can be seen below: