Still single? Wear pink underwear to attract love luck


Posted at Feb 14 2017 08:03 PM


MANILA - Wearing pink underwear when going out on a Friday night will help you attract love luck, according to a feng shui expert. 

In a video uploaded on Facebook, feng shui practitioner Hanz Cua said that aside from wearing rose quartz-colored crystals, putting on pink underwear can help one in their romantic endeavors. 

He also advised those without a date this Valentine's Day to change their profile pictures on their social media accounts, make a wish during a full moon, and remove sexy and bold photos from their homes to further increase their love luck. 

For more tips, one can buy Cua's book, "Master Hanz Cua Feng Shui 2017," for P275 at select bookstores nationwide. There will also be a digital version available soon on the No Ink mobile app.