Want to attract love, fight infidelity? Check your bedroom


Posted at Feb 14 2017 07:32 AM

MANILA – Want to attract love this February, or perhaps keep your partner from cheating on you? Here are some tips from a feng shui expert.

To those who want to prevent infidelity, Hanz Cua advised them to put only one large bed in their bedroom.

He noted that a gap between beds can hinder positive energy and may lead to cheating.

Cua also discouraged sleeping on a basement floor as it is said to attract Ying Qi, which causes an imbalance in energy. He said that this also invites infidelity and infertility in the home.

For singles who want to find love, Cua said they can focus on enhancing their bathroom and bedroom and transform these spaces into “sensual” spots.

He said this can be done by making the bathroom look like a spa so it can attract positive vibes, and by beautifying the bedroom to reflect the best version the person who sleeps in it.

Although not all Filipinos believe in feng shui, many of them prefer to be on the safe side by adhering to its principles, buying trinkets and other “lucky” items for themselves and their homes.

Others, meanwhile, opt to respect the ancient Chinese system the same way that believers do not criticize their Catholic faith.