Heart Evangelista reacts to 'ghost painter' rumor


Posted at Feb 11 2021 06:48 PM

MANILA -- Heart Evangelista finally addressed the rumor that she is not a real artist and instead only hires someone to paint for her.

The actress, known for her art exhibits and hand-painted designer bags, set the record straight in her latest vlog titled "Reacting to the craziest rumors about me."

She said in jest that if she really did hire a ghost painter, she should've asked him or her to do a better job.

"Yes, I've heard this ghost painter thing. Totally untrue. And if I did hire a ghost painter, I'd tell them to paint better," she said. "Andoon naman na, binayaran mo na, e 'di todo na. But no, I don't."

According to Evangelista, she has always loved painting and considers it "therapeutic," especially when she is dealing with personal problems.

"I really do love painting. In fact, I never really thought that it would become the way it is now, that people would actually buy my paintings. I painted for myself, I painted because it was therapeutic for me, and I was really going through a really tough time personally with my family and all of that," she said.

She went on: "[Painting was my way of] finding myself, also starting from scratch, because my mom confiscated all of my money. So I needed to do something. And that's why I painted. But definitely no ghost painter. I would feel so horrible. I don't like living a lie because I'd rather be myself." 

Watch Evangelista address the "ghost painter" rumor starting at the 9:18 mark in the video below:

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Other rumors that the actress addressed include supposedly getting pregnant in her 20s, having a Louis Vuitton toilet, and having an ex-boyfriend who is still borrowing money from her, to name a few.

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