Wil Dasovich makes significant progress in cancer remission


Posted at Feb 07 2020 04:45 PM

MANILA – Wil Dasovich could not contain his happiness after learning that he has reached a new milestone in his battle with cancer.

The former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate revealed the results of his latest checkup in a vlog posted Friday. He happily shared that doctors did not find polyps in his colon – a first since he went into remission two years ago.

“Great news, awesome news. Apparently, there are zero polyps,” Dasovich said as he recorded the video from his hospital bed. 

“I just woke and the first thing I said was, ‘Did they find anything?’ They’re like, ‘No.’ And I screamed, ‘Yes!’” he continued, adding that he was so happy he even offered to treat the doctors and nurses to a meal to celebrate. 


Dasovich said he has been returning home to the United States every six months to have a colonoscopy ever since he was declared “cancer-free” in 2018.

And in every visit, doctors would find “a polyp of significant size,” prompting them to discuss the option of surgery.

“This would involve removing my entire colon, my entire large intestine, and then I would have it back… it would change the entire quality of living… it was a decision I wasn’t ready to make. I’d rather just keep on living and keep my chances rather than go through that,” Dasovich said.

“And that is why this successful colonoscopy is so monumental because it’s the first time in these two years that they didn’t find anything,” he went on. “And because of that, it rules out the preventive surgery for the first time. It’s a huge relief.”

“It feels surreal to have made it this far.”

Dasovich has been chronicling his battle with colon cancer through his vlogs since he was diagnosed in 2017. 

Last year, he spoke for the first time in a public forum about his cancer journey where he stressed the importance of having a strong support system in dealing with the disease.