Hugot sale: Heartbroken Pinoys sell gifts from exes


Posted at Feb 06 2018 08:41 PM

As the old saying goes, don't get mad --get even. 

And that's exactly what some jilted lovers have been doing, turning their bitter breakups into money-making opportunities. 

A survey, released ahead of Valentine's Day, by online marketplace Carousell found a trend among Filipinos selling their exes' stuff as they look to take some consolation from their failed relationships. 

One woman, for instance, advertised in the website her former boyfriend's polo shirt, saying she wants to clean out her room that she described as "punong-puno ng galit at damit." 

A screenshot of a woman selling her ex's polo shirt from Carousell Philippines

Another said that she wishes to get rid of a gift she received from her ex, reasoning that it's time for her to move on. "Dapat nang alisin sa gamit," the seller wrote. 

Others are putting up their pre-loved jewelry and souvenirs. 

According to the survey, the top three motivations for the 58.9% who said that they are willing to sell their exes' items are to "earn extra cash," "declutter," and "let go of the past." 

The sentimental ones who answered the opposite admitted that they still can't find it within themselves to forget, and that the gifts still have some use. 

Carousell Philippines are looking to take advantage of this upturn in heartbroken sellers by offering gift cards to those who share their stories behind their items. 

They will also be holding a flash sale starting on Friday featuring those from their "hugot" collection.