8 expert-approved feng shui tips for your home


Posted at Feb 04 2022 01:28 PM | Updated as of Feb 04 2022 07:57 PM

Feng shui expert Patrick Lim Fernandez. Handout
Feng shui expert Patrick Lim Fernandez. Handout

MANILA -- Want to bring positive energy into your home this year? Here are some tips from a feng shui expert. 

In a Chinese New Year event organized by EastWest Priority Lifestyle, Patrick Lim Fernandez said simple changes like adding fresh plants and keeping rooms organized can make a big difference. 

"Always combine good energies with your effort, and then you have the best of luck," he said.

Here are Fernandez's eight feng shui tips: 

1. Create different spaces for work and rest

The pandemic has blurred the lines between work and rest, and this can disrupt the flow of chi in the home, according to Fernandez.

He pointed out that there are two kinds of life energy -- yin, which has to do with resting; and yang, which is about movement and being active. 

Fernandez said it is important to keep work and rest areas separate. "Sometimes people may work from their beds, or they may sleep wherever they're working or in their offices, and you'll find that home to be compromised. Your active energy will be somewhat subdued and you'll be more restless," he said. 

"So make sure you separate the yang side -- where you're working and you're active -- and your yin side, which is more for rest."

2. Make sure your main entrance is clutter-free

Fernandez said the entryway is one of the most important parts of any home, as this is where chi will first pass through.

Given this, he said it should always be kept organized and clutter-free so the good energy and move more freely to other areas and rooms of the house.

"You can imagine that your house is your body and the main door is your mouth. So if it's always full or it's hard to put things in, you won't be able to invite good energies in there," the feng shui expert said. 

3. Have a dedicated space for gatherings and shared activities

Aside from areas for resting and working, Fernandez also suggested having a dedicated spot for gatherings and shared activities.

He said the positive energy from these events can create a good atmosphere at home. "Try to find spaces or create spaces for these in your home," he said. 

4. Determine the 'good' and 'bad' sectors of your home

Feng shui predictions for "good" and "bad" sectors of the home, which is based on positions of stars, change every lunar year. 

Fernandez said that for the Year of the Water Tiger, the "lucky" areas of the home are in the northeast (wealth), south (prosperity), southeast (for work/studying), and northwest (travel/fame), north (romance).

On the other hand, the "negative" stars are located in the southwest (sickness) and center (disaster) of the home.

"Stand in the center of your home or office... Use a phone compass or a traditional compass to know where all these different sectors are [in your home]," Fernandez said. 

5. Activate the 'good' sectors, and subdue the 'bad'

Fernandez said one can activate "good" sectors at home to boost overall luck. This, he said, can be done in many ways.

"First thing is if you have doors in the area, use the door. If you have a choice of using a door or not and it's in a good area, use that door," he said. 

"The other is spending time and occupying it. You could move your desk in the living room for studying or for working [if it is in a good sector]," he added.

On the other hand, avoiding any activity in "bad" sectors and keeping those places quiet can subdue the negative energy there, Fernandez said. 

6. Decorate with objects that are alive or constantly moving

Another way of activating "good" sectors" and improving the flow of chi at home is through certain objects, said Fernandez.

He said these items should either be alive or are constantly moving, citing examples such as fresh plants and flowers, clocks, and water fountains.

"If you want to incorporate some movement in these lucky areas, there are some good, relatively inexpensive, and portable things you can put. Even Bluetooth speakers, you can charge them and put them anywhere and can create sound. That gives good energy," Fernandez said.

The feng shui expert said dried flowers ("its chi has already left, it has no more energy to give") or plants with spikes as these do not encourage positive energy. 

"There are three plants we recommend: fortune plant, jade plant, and the palm," he said, adding that succulents without sharp points are also ideal.

7. When it comes to furniture, balance is key

Fernandez noted that many people tend to overdo decorations at home, such as putting a lot of throw pillows.

He said the key to good feng shui at home is balance, and encouraged the use of things "that are more symmetrical and make more sense."

"Keep things organized and neat," he said. 

8. Avoid putting mirrors in these two areas

Mirrors are generally considered good in feng shui, but Fernandez said there are two parts of the home where these should not be placed: in front of the main door and beside the bed. 

He explained that doing the former will reflect the flow of good energy, preventing it from entering the house. 

"The other thing is putting mirrors beside your bed, or putting a TV by the foot of your bed. Because what happens here is the energy keeps bouncing around when there's a reflective surface. If you can imagine you're lying in bed and you have this constant movement of life energy as you're sleeping, you'll be restless," he said. 

"If you have a mirror in your bedroom, don't let it face the bed. If you have a TV facing your bed, try to cover it at night so that you won't feel restless when you get up," he added.