‘Not just an artista’: Nadine Lustre wants to be a ‘brand’


Posted at Feb 03 2020 06:06 PM | Updated as of Feb 03 2020 07:03 PM


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MANILA – After becoming one of the Philippines’ most popular actresses, Nadine Lustre is setting her sights on another goal – to be a “brand.”

Lustre made the statement in an interview with the local fashion magazine Mega, where she appears as a cover girl.

“I’m going on a different path. I don’t want to be just artista Nadine anymore. I want Nadine Lustre to be a brand,” she said in the interview, which was published online on Monday.

“I want to do music, I want to do fashion – it’s a completely different path from what I was doing [before],” she added.

Lustre first dabbled in the beauty industry in 2018 with the launch of Lustrous, her makeup line with BYS. The actress is also part of Careless, the indie label started by her ex-boyfriend, James Reid.

This year, she hopes to focus more on these two endeavors. 

“For this year, [the] first few months, I’m going to be releasing a lot of music. That involves a lot of writing and conceptualizing. I also want to do a lot of photo shoots. I don’t have to be in front of the camera,” she said.

As for Lustrous, Lustre said: “My goal talaga for Lustrous is to go international. But we still have a lot of work to do. I really want to focus on the look of Lustrous. Our first two collections were super thematic, so I feel like for the next collection, we want it to have a standard look. I’m sure we’re going to have a lot more collections [coming], but I just want it to be cohesive.”


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Lustre has been in the news since late last year, for two main reasons – her breakup with Reid, and for cutting her ties with Viva, which has been handling her career for more than a decade.

Both issues have not yet surfaced at the time Lustre did her photo shoot for Mega in Brazil, but the actress seems to have been leaving hints in her interview with the magazine.

“After going through a lot [during the] end of the year last year, I felt like I was pushed off a cliff. There was no way out, there was no way I could save myself unless I changed how I think,” she said.

Lustre went on: “I gave myself an ultimatum: 2020 will be your year; you have to get back up and start working. I wasn’t myself. I know myself and that wasn’t me. I knew that. I gave myself a couple of months, time to feel it, to just be in that space and be miserable or sad. I let myself be like that because after a few weeks of being in that place, I will be in a better one. And this is the better place. Ito na ‘yung space na maggro-grow na ako and restart.”

As for Reid, she said: “James is the security blanket. He’s the first person to come and rescue… I’ve learned so much from him. I’m always going to be thankful that that guy came into my life, no matter what happens.”