Marriott serves lavish lauriat to welcome Year of the Dog

Jeeves de Veyra

Posted at Jan 31 2018 05:58 AM

MANILA -- Man Ho, the premiere Cantonese restaurant of Manila Marriott Hotel, ushers in the Year of the Dog early with indulgent Chinese dishes fit for an emperor’s table.

The Lunar New Year is time for families to come together for a luxurious meal. With this in mind, Man Ho’s Hong Kong chefs came up with a lavish 10-course meal. 

The key element of the food in this lauriat is that the Chinese techniques used highlight the quality and freshness of the ingredients. 

The lauriat is good for 10 people and is priced at P33,800++. Here are the dishes included in this special set meal.

1. Barbecue Combination

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This is an apt beginning to the meal with a huge platter full of roast duck, asado, soya chicken and century egg.

2. Fresh Scallop Salad

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This features some of the biggest and freshest scallops served on a local table.

3. Celery with Prawns in XO Sauce

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The prawns were just lightly stir-fried with XO sauce. As a result, the sauce didn't overpower the freshness of the shrimp.

4. Chicken with Sea Moss Thick Soup

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This soup isn’t only tasty; it’s also healthy as the sea moss used is prized for its medicinal value.

5. Pan-fried Beef Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce

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At first glance, these look like burgers. At first bite, they are soft melt-in-your-mouth cuts of beef bathed in black pepper sauce that make for a filling start to the mains.

6. Hong Kong Fried Chicken

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This chicken is prepared in such a way that the skin becomes delectably crispy while retaining the juiciness of the meat.

7. Steamed Garoupa

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This fish in light soy and scallions was a favorite of everyone at the table. This is a dish where it is impossible to hide any defect in the fish. Light soy and scallions round out the flavor and nicely complement the freshness of the fish.

8. Braised Bai Ling Mushrooms with Vegetables

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Dubbed the “Prince of Edible Mushrooms,” these are surprisingly rich. Large, meaty slices are minimally seasoned to bring out the umami of the mushroom.

9. Fujian Fried Rice

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The rice course is a meal in itself. Rice is soaked in the thick sauce with bits of shrimp peas and carrots.

10. Tikoy

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Dessert was freshly made tikoy with a fresh fruit platter with melons, kiwi, and dragon fruit.

Aside from the lauriat, Man Ho is also offering its version of Poon Choi. 

Literally meaning “Chinese casserole in a basin,” Poon Choi is a one generous bowl of abalone, prawns, sea cucumber, dried fish maw, sea moss, marinated duck, dried scallops, taro and assorted vegetables good for at least 10 persons. 

It is traditionally only available during Chinese New Year but because the dish is symbolic of prosperity and affluence, Man Ho’s frequent diners often request this for auspicious events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. 


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It can be ordered ahead of time to be taken home though it will be disassembled into its different layers before being taken home. An order of Poon Choi is priced at P15,888. A whole lobster can be included in the bowl of Poon Choi at an additional cost.

Man Ho is also offering a set of tikoy beautifully molded and painted as a pair of koi. This is so pretty that it you’d think twice about cutting this up and cooking for a meal. Placed in an oriental box, it is a Lunar New Year gift anyone would feel lucky to have.

This tikoy makes for the perfect gift. Photo by author

These limited time offerings are only available until February 16. Marriott Manila will also have a Lion and Dragon Dance ceremony on February 17 to usher in the Year of the Dog.