WATCH: How Jessy Mendiola stays in shape without gym


Posted at Jan 26 2019 12:11 AM

Jessy Mendiola. Instagram: @senorita_jessy

Actress Jessy Mendiola has made no secret of her past struggles when it comes to mental health and fitness, and now she has taken the extra step to share how she conquered them.

In particular, the “TOL” star demonstrated in her latest vlog a workout routine that helped her get back in shape.

Mendiola, 26, has said her past bout with depression caused her to neglect her well-being, leading to an unhealthy weight gain.

Her fitness routine, she said in her vlog, has mostly been gym-based but can be adjusted to when she has no easy access to the facility, such as when she’s on vacation.

Using resistance bands, she then went through an entire workout, which one “can squeeze in the morning before you start your day.”

Watch the video below:

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